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WATCH: Destroys facade and throws bricks in the street

A video taken by TVM this morning shows a workman demolishing a facade and throwing limestone bricks on the pavement, endangering himself as well as all passers-by.

TVM is informed the construction site is situated in Triq il-Wied in Mosta, while at the time the works were going on the road was not closed. It does not appear that a protective net was placed around the building.

TVM has passed the video to Occupational Health and Safety Authority (OHSA) which confirmed the necessary action would be taken.

OHSA said it would have been in a better position to take the necessary actions if the video reached it while these works were taking place this morning. It stated that when this happens and a report is not made at the time the lives of workers and passers-by are endangered.

All those who come across dangerous work practices are urged to inform OHSA, even in an anonymous manner, by ringing 21247677 or 99496786, or via email: [email protected]