WATCH: A closer look at the work of the country’s Disciplinary Corps

The fundamental role of disciplinary corps to safeguard society are widespread worldwide, and no less in Malta. Popolin discussed the role of the Police Corps, the Armed Forces and Civil Protection forces who despite all the services they render are often highlighted as the centres of controversy.

Ramon Mercieca, Assistant Police Commissioner, said that human resource in the Corps is its greatest asset. All those that embark on this career have the opportunity to develop their skills and advance and may eventually become the Police Commissioner.

Popolin spoke to various Police Corps members in various units and they explained their role being provided to the community. He said the role is not that of waiting for incidents to happen but to be out on the roads to communicate with people, to help remove barriers that divide society from the Police.

He said that some people only require that somebody is informed of the problems they are experiencing. The Corps today is not one of solving problems alone but together with the community they understand certain problems. In fact, in a number of instances community members may even assist Police Officials to solve certain problems to prevent criminality that may occur.

Assistant Commissioner Mercieca further explained the Corps is working to establish its relationships with the community to instil a further confidence to consult with the Police. He said the Corps now understands past shortcomings and measures have been taken to address these shortcomings.

Popolin also spoke to Kayleigh Gelfo, a Lieutenant in the Malta Armed Forces, relatively a small Corps of 1,700 military employees of which 130 are female. All these are prepared to provide their aid when needed in order to ensure the security and safety of the country.

Emanuel Psaila, the Director General of Civil Protection, explained that disciplinary corps work together and that much of it work involves collaboration with the Police Corps or the AFM although their services differ.

Psaila said the greatest challenge faced by Civil Protection is that of fires. Recruited persons then undergo training and are then delegated to various sections, including a canine section as well as fire and rescue sections.