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WATCH: Opposition Leader reacts to latest Government financial aid package

Opposition and PN Leader Adrian Delia said the third package of financial aid measures clearly indicates the Government has been slow in reacting to a situation that requires immediate attention.

He said that there are companies that have already declared redundancies and employees have lost their jobs, so much so that the Prime Minister had to admit the measures have had to be backdated to cover redundancies.

Dr Delia said the package was reactive because the Government had described the previous two packages as being generous but the economists had promptly stated these were far from those necessary to salvage employment.

The PN Leader said the package was selective and only addresses a third of the private employment sector because it only covers about 60,000 persons. Dr Delia said the Government should state right now that for the remaining two thirds there are already planned measures.

He said this is the way many Governments are acting, not planning long-term but planning to provide hope of peace of mind even to those not covered by this package.

Dr Delia maintained his appeal that the Government reduces energy and water bills by 50% as this is a time when more and more people are confined to their homes and therefore having greater consumption as well as the fact that oil prices have dropped.

He said today’s price is that US$ 30 per barrel and is forecast to continue dropping to €US 10 per barrel. Thus, the Government is spending less in its purchase of oil and therefore the financial burden on the Government is almost negligible.

The PN Leader continued saying that with immediate effect the Government should suspend its residential and property rentals until the situation returns to normality. This should include factories and retail outlets and the Government should have its list of those who are not selling anything and then decide the total of the suspension of rental.

Dr Delia said the Opposition will continue working in the national interest to ensure that nobody is financially burdened more than they should be and more than they can carry.

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