WATCH: ‘Il-Muxrafija’ visits Malta’s oldest hospital

This week, once more, ‘Il-Muxrafija’ will be visiting two places related to particular curiosities. To begin with viewers will be taken to the gardens of Villa Frere in Pietà, considered to be one of the most beautiful gardens in Europe and for over 200 years has raised the interest of many students. The documentary includes how parts of this are related to the legendary lost continent of Atlantis.

The documentary then reverts indoors to what is regarded as Malta’s oldest hospital, that of Santo Spirito Hospital in Rabat, a place that contained one of the country’s earliest chemist dispensary outlets and also supported prostitutes and orphaned children. Viewers will be given a view of how early chemical potions were mixed.

‘Il-Muxrafija’ will be transmitted tomorrow at 5.30 pm on Television Malta.