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WATCH: PM responds to questions about reform of Rental Law and White Paper on the decriminalisation of cannabis

Prime Minister Robert Abela today responded to questions made by journalists covering various subjects including Rental Law reform and the proposed decriminalisation of cannabis, as well as various other matters.

In response to a TVM question about pre-1995 Rental Law Reform the PM said Opposition criticism is not justified because the reform creates a balance between the right of those renting having a roof over their heads and the right of landlords receiving just compose.

Regarding the White Paper proposed to regulate the decriminalisation of cannabis to a certain amount, the PM said the Cabinet has approved the launching of this White Paper and will be calling a conference to detail the Government’s proposals.

The Prime Minister further replied to other questions by journalists including the investigation by the Commissioner for Standards connected to Rosianne Cutajar, as well as the increase of Covid-19 cases.

Follow here all the PM’s comments: