WATCH: Police restrain man in Buġibba after he disobeyed orders

A video posted on social media shows two Policemen restraining a foreigner who appeared to be in an agitated state and was using obscene language.

The incident took place this afternoon at about 3 pm when Police were called to assist because the man was creating a disturbance in Triq il-Ġifen, near the former Paloma Hotel.

The video was taken by persons watching from a balcony and the man, a foreigner, is seen shouting and using obscene language. When the man began to walk away at a fast pace, one of the Policemen is seen going after him and restraining him, with the two Policemen and the man ending up sprawled on the floor.

A Police spokesperson told TVM the man held a corkscrew in his hand and this is considered to be a weapon. He said the man was ordered to relinquish the corkscrew from his hand, but he continued to refuse and began to offend the Policemen.

He added the Police were constrained to restrain the man to prevent him injuring himself and they managed to do this without using any weapons. It was clarified that nobody was injured.

Video: William Templeman – Facebook