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WATCH: Cats rescued from Janet Harvey’s residence – Police say this was “a unique case”

Police Superintendent Mario Haber described the discovery of a dead dog and four live cats in the residence of a dead woman at St Paul’s Bay as “a unique case”.

Haber spoke to Moira Delia about what Police found when they entered the residence where Janet Harvey was found dead in her bed surrounded by a number of domestic pets. He said the environment was not congenial to the animals’ welfare and they had to be removed from the residence.

Inspector Clayton Camilleri told TVM the Police safeguard the welfare of animals in cases like this and they therefore turned to Moira Delia for help for them to be rescued and removed from the home where a Magisterial Inquiry is taking place.

This is what Superintendent Haber and Inspector Camilleri said to Moira Delia regarding the case.

Harvey’s corpse was found two days ago and she had probably been dead for three months. Her husband has been detained under arrest and is helping in Police investigations.

This is a synthesis of what happened this morning during the rescue operation at St Paul’s Bay.

The rescue operation can be followed in greater detail in Animal Diaries, transmitted on Wednesday on TVM at 6.30 pm.

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