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WATCH: She has invited him out on St Valentine’s Day for 53 years

In a coffee shop adjacent to the Paola Parish Church, dressed alike from top to toe wearing dark jackets, red clothing and holding cups of tea and she holding a bouquet of flowers, we spoke to the couple Bernadette and Francis that have known each other for 53 years and have been married for 47 years.

When Francis was just 17, Bernadette’s brother who was at school with Francis, introduced them to each other and perhaps without him knowing at the time, he brought into being a new couple.

They first met in Paola Square and from then went on to everlasting love which today is as strong as ever.

They recounted exchanging love letters in the early days and Francis produced a small box packed with letters they cherish, including one that goes back to 1968.

Today, on St Valentine’s Day, their ever-lasting love was manifest with Bernadette revealed that in the morning Francis had given her a bouquet of flowers.

And this evening, who is going to take who, out? Bernadette said during their youth the tradition was that on this day the young woman takes a young man out and foots all the expenses.

Against this background, Francis said he can’t wait to be taken out this evening!

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