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WATCH: Pushed 30 feet off a bridge and suffers broken chest ribs and lung damages

A shocking film of a 16-year-old girl being pushed off a bridge over East Fort Lewis River has caused a worldwide reaction.

The film shows the girl being pushed over the bridge by a person that so far has not been identified but is said may be a friend or a girlfriend. She fell a height of 30 feet in Washington.

On hitting the water Jordon Holgerson broke four chest ribs and suffered lung injuries.

In a comment she said she could well have been killed. She explained that while falling she tried to poise herself as if she was diving into the water but did not succeed in doing so because she fainted.

Jordon continued saying that when she hit the water she could not breathe properly and could not swim. A friend and some other people helped her out of the water.


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