WATCH: Recalls what he saw in Tigne hold-up three years ago

Although he is still only 25 years old, Daniel Muka, who was arrested yesterday as the main suspect in the Sliema double-homicide, is considered to be a very dangerous criminal.

In October 2017 it is alleged that his jailed brother and he had carried out an armed hold-up in the Diamonds International outlet in Sliema.

The robbery was carried out in broad daylight when there were several people in the Tigne piazza, one of whom was Darren Frendo who recalled the incident with TVM.

He said he was in a coffee shop across the way and saw two men run up the steps in front of Diamonds International and ran into the shop and suddenly glass was heard being smashed and shots fired and this went on for a few minutes. He said he was afraid and sheltered behind a pillar. When the two were running out an Italian security official was mounting the stairs and he was knocked down with a rifle butt to the head. He fell to the ground and amidst much screaming and shouting, they ran off. Later it was heard they were arrested but all who saw the scenes suffered a great shock.

Since that day the robbed retail owners have diversified their wares while a company spokesperson has said the company has not recovered anything of the items stolen calculated to be worth €333,000 in jewels and watches that were stolen. Court procedures are ongoing.