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WATCH: He risks his life to tend to those wounded in war areas

Gesmond Micallef, who is a nurse, has for the last 20 years risked his life to tend to those seriously wounded in wars. Recently he joined a French medical team to administer to the wounded in fighting in Libya.

At great risk to his own life, Gesmond, who is a Deputy Charge Nurse, went to Libya to care for those wounded in a zone where there is a scarcity of hospitals.

He said he has just returned from Libya where he spent 12 days to answer calls for volunteers to help the wounded as the professionals have left the country as a result o the war.

Gesmond began giving his voluntary services 20 years ago during the war in Kosovo. He continued his role in Libya during the uprising against Colonel Gaddafi and then in Mozambique in Africa. He admitted it is by no means easy to work in situations like these.

He said the role involves psychological traumas and having to witness scenes of bloodshed and at one time an ambulance he was in was shot at.

Gesmond said he has had the support of his family throughout, including his wife, but he has to undergo moments of fear and thoughts that one day he may not return.

He said the need for his services beckons him to do what he has to do and this he does with the help of God.

Gesmond said that after each experience, even though this entails suffering, he enjoys a sense of satisfaction and peace that is so great and heartfelt that he cannot express his satisfaction in words.

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