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WATCH: Did she deserve to win Miss Universe Malta? Teresa Ruglio expresses her opinion

The Miss Universe Malta beauty contest held last week was won by Teresa Ruglio representing Sliema.

While the public normally comments about who won or should have won as well as their appearance and personality, this time discussion revolved around Ruglio’s nationality.

Teresa Ruglio is from Venezuela and as she explained in the contest’s promotional film, she came to live in Malta three years ago because of the instability in her home country. This led to her having to learn English.

Crowning Moment #MissUniverseMalta2019

Re-watch the crowning moment of #MissUniverseMalta2019 Teresa Ruglio live on TVM#missuniverse #confidentlybeautiful

Gepostet von Miss Universe Malta am Samstag, 13. Juli 2019

Some expressed their understanding that Teresa should not represent Malta as she is not Maltese. However, TVM is informed she was not the only non-Maltese contestant because Miss Mosta is Albanian, Miss Msida is from Morocco and Miss Senglea is Italian.

Following the controversy that broke out, Ruglio spoke with TVM and said the regulations are perfectly clear in that all those who lived in Malta are eligible to contest. She said she loves Malta, a country that gives an opportunity to all and that she wishes to continue living here forever.

She stated that whilst she respects the opinions of all, she prefers to focus on the more positive comments. She said the other contestants accepted her and congratulated her and therefore why should members of the public not do the same?

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