WATCH: The lampuka (Dolphin Fish), the falcon and the crab among Maltese creatures that ended up in New York

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In the past few days, Charles and Ron continued to give a taste of Maltese identity through the use of a gecko lizard, a crab, a falcon and a lampuka (Dolphin Fish) as designs for their next designer collection

Colours such as orange, yellow, deep grey, violet and mint green hues dominated the catwalk during New York Fashion Week, together with black and white that are the hallmark colours of the Maltese designers.

As textiles there was a domination of satin, chiffon, silky tulle, denim and the introduction of embroidered denim, as well as elegant dresses with accessories for which Charles and Ron are renowned.

The background music was also Maltese as the designers used tunes by The Travellers to accompany the models on the catwalk.

Meanwhile, American singer Sevyn Streeter attended one of the activity sessions wearing a dress designed by Charles and Ron.

This is not the first time that American personalities from the entertainment scene have donned clothes designed by these Maltese designers currently in New York to launch their Spring and Summer Collection for the coming year.