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WATCH: How to effortlessly load a car into a van

A video doing the rounds on social media has captured the imagination of many as to the ingenious manner in which a man succeeded in loading a car into a van.

In the video film taken at Qormi a man is seen pushing a small Peugeot down a slope, constantly checking whether any other vehicles approach in the road and when seeing none approaching going to the very edge.

The road is divided in two levels with one level lower than the other. In the lower road there is a parked van and reversed so that its empty hold is exactly below the level of the upper road.

The man is seen effortlessly pushing the Peugeot into the empty van hold in which it fits exactly as if it were designed to do so.

However, judging by the impact when the car drops into the van, one hopes it was on its way to a scrapyard.

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