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WATCH: Joe Biden’s first speech as new US President

The United States has a new President, Joe Biden, who in his inauguration speech appealed to Americans to have courage and form an united stand to face the challenges that lie ahead for the country.

The ceremony for the appointment of the 46th US President took place against a background of strict social distancing and in the light of the absence of outgoing President Donald Trump who has persisted in refusing to acknowledge his electoral defeat.

Biden delivered his speech not to an audience because of social distancing but to 200,000 flags because of the possibility of pandemic infections, as well as terrorist threats on the Capitol building.

Biden, who is aged 78, has become the oldest ever person to be sworn in as President of the USA.

In his inaugural speech President Biden said the day was a Day for Democracy and said the place which a few days ago seemed to indicate a place for democracy has finally witnessed a victory for democracy.

“Here we stand, just days after a rioters mob felt they could use violence to silence the will of the people, to stop the work of our democracy, to drive us from this sacred ground. It did not happen, it will never happen, not today, not tomorrow, not ever.”

Biden appealed to the US people to unite and be able to overcome the challenges they face.

“We face an attack on our democracy and on truth, a raging virus, growing inequity a sting of systematic racism, a climate in crisis, America’s role in the world, any one of these may be enough to challenge us in profound ways, but the fact is we face them all at once, presenting this nation with one of the gravest responsibilities we ever had. Now we are going to be tested, are we going to step up? It’s time for boldness.”

The ceremony was an historic one for the US with Kamala Harris being sworn in as the first female Vice President of the USA.

Instead of Trump, his former Vice President Mike Pence attended and some of Trump’s family relatives were also present.

The ceremony was characterised by greater than usual security with many parts of Washington being closed off.

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