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WATCH: Students give their opinions on their Maths exam paper

The Mathematics examination for Middle School students that created an industrial dispute between the MUT and the Ministry for Education appears to have passed off without undue difficulties. Students who spoke with TVM as they emerged from the San Benedittu School at Kirkop said the paper contained no surprises and the questions contained in the paper were in line with the syllabus set for the scholastic year.

It is normal that examinations always cause some anxiety among students and this year’s students undergoing Maths and Maltese exams probably suffered a further bout of anxiety because of the uncertain situation created by the fact the exam papers were not set by their teachers in line with the MUT’s directives following the dispute with the Ministry over a lack of teaching staff which led to some teachers having to handle the maximum of 25 weekly lessons.

The Ministry, against the wishes of the teachers’ union, made alternative arrangements for the students not to lose out on their scheduled exams that gauge their studies during the scholastic year. Some of the students were asked by TVM how they felt during their annual exam.

A spokesperson for the Ministry told TVM that the exam paper was prepared by professionals and further alternative arrangements were made for the papers to be corrected by the same professionals.

Meanwhile, the MUT’s directive remains in place and will also affect Maths and Maltese exams at Secondary Schools.

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