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WATCH: Homage paid to Daphne Caruana Galizia at crime site

Following four days of intensive investigations carried out by forensic experts in connection with the killing of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, the forensics have been completed on the scene of the crime and now this will be followed by laboratory scientific analysis on materials that were elevated from the spot, including vehicle fragments and her lap top.

The completion of site investigations has now enabled the road to be opened to traffic once more after this was sealed off following last Monday’s afternoon explosion. The tragic effects of this crime in this quiet road near the village of Bidnija are still widely felt. A bouquet of flowers has been placed at the roadside as a sign of respect to the victim, murdered in a crime that has been condemned both in Malta and overseas, while a book has been placed on a burnt tree branch with the words “Everybody has the Right to Freedom of Expression”.

Meanwhile in Parliament, Budget Estimates of the Ministry for Finance were under discussion but speaker after speaker spoke of the tragic assassination incident while Maltese and foreign investigators continued to put various pieces together in a strenuous effort to find the person or those responsible for this act. During the debate, the Minister for Internal Affairs Michael Farrugia said that some people had approached the Police to give information about the incident while he appealed that anybody with any information should approach the Police.

Dr Farrugia said the Government will not be hiding anything regarding the investigations that are being carried out. He expressed the understanding that the Opposition as well as overseas authorities will remain informed of developments of the investigations. Minister Farrugia said the Government has received requests from some Governments who wish to send representatives to check that investigations are being carried out in the proper manner and the Government has no objections to this.

During the debate there was an intervention by the former Nationalist Party Leader Simon Busuttil who said the death of Caruana Galizia fell in the lap of responsibility of the Prime Minister. He said the Opposition is not saying that the Prime Minister carried out the act or had deployed others to carry out the act but he was critical of the Police Commissioner, the Advocate General and Judiciary appointments. He said the Prime Minister is trying to shrug off responsibility and manipulate public opinion.

Meanwhile, in a letter sent to Archbishop Charles Scicluna, Pope Francis expressed sorrow at the tragic death of Caruana Galizia. The Pope offered his prayers for the repose of her soul and he requested the Archbishop to convey his condolences to her family. In his letter the Pope also prayed to God to bless the people and nation of Malta.

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