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WATCH: Sky over Tritons Square dominated by the colours of traditional Chinese kites

The blue sky over Tritons Square was dominated by colours as about 200 children floated high their traditional Chinese kites for the second edition of the Festival of Kites. The colours illuminated the sky over Valletta.

Although in the past this was a common tradition among Maltese children, it had faded away with the passage of time. However, it has now taken a new lease of life as a result of this festival organised by the Chinese Cultural Centre in collaboration with the Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society.

With the help of Chinese artist Guo Hongli, who came to Malta specifically for the occasion, children floated coloured kites decorated with flowers in the Weifang tradition. The activity in Tritons Square depended on the moods of the wind which at the time were calm.

Aida Bushra Daoud, from the Chinese Cultural Centre, said this tradition is estimated to have started in China during the 5th Century BC on the initiative of Chinese philosophers.

”They started of as a military implement which was raised in the air to test distances on winds, and even to send messages or signals because at that time they were developing – they had a very advanced form of military strategy,” she said.

The Festival also included an exhibition of artistic Chinese clothing associated with kite-flying, together with kites from MUŻA.

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