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WATCH: Jumped out of vehicle and videoed it sinking beneath the waves at Ċirkewwa

A woman who a month ago almost drowned trapped in her vehicle that fell into the sea at Ċirkewwa, managed to jump out from the vehicle and to video it shortly before it sank beneath the waves.

The video was published on the Facebook page of Raniero Borg who was instrumental that the vehicle, together with two others that sank at the same place, were raised from the sea earlier this week.

Borg said the driver of the red vehicle had contacted him and explained how on the day, at 11 pm, wanted to mount the ferry to Gozo and thought it was operating from the south pier.

As soon as she mounted the ramp she lost control of the vehicle and had to jump out of it. Within a few seconds the vehicle sank beneath the waves. The woman had mounted the stairway and managed to video the vehicle sinking.

There is a widespread appeal that action be taken to avoid the dangers presented by this ramp because a number of times vehicles have slipped off it into the sea.