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WATCH: Have you ever seen a cat like this in Malta?

Some furry, some looking like tiger cubs – different species of cats are competing in an international exhibition in Malta which indicates the great number of enthusiasts for these domestic pets.

Over 85 cats from 16 different species are competing in the event organised by the Malta Feline Guardians Club.

They are being judged by jurors from Spain, Italy and Poland, members of the World Cat Federation to which the Maltese club has been affiliated for the last 13 years.

Kevin Micallef, President of the Malta Feline Guardians Club, said each cat is judged according to their species category, their sex and their age; if they are under ten months old they are judged as kittens and over that as adults.

Micallef said the species include Persians, exotic cats, Siberians, Sphinx, Main Coon, Ragdoll, British Shorthair, British Longhair, Scottish Fold, and a new species that has come to Malta from Russia, Abyssinian.

There is also a category for neutered cats and domestic cats. The exhibition being held at the Ħal Farruġ Complex also has an educational aspect.


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