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See the tiger cubs born at Noah’s Ark

With the look of a mother looking after her babies, we found Magda breastfeeding her five cubs a few hours after their birth.

For the second time in just under two years, Magda has brought joy to the owners of Siggiewi’s Noah’s Ark.

Ark owner Anton Cutajar said he had a great sense of satisfaction because four of the cubs have a rare colouring and while three of them are white a fourth has a golden hue.

After a fourth month pregnancy and giving birth without problems, mother Magda is jealously guarding her cubs.

Cutajar said he hopes Magda continues with the breastfeeding otherwise they will have to step in and bottle-feed otherwise the cubs will perish.

He said the rearing of tiger cubs is like that of rearing human babies because they require attention and protection.

He said that when bottle-feeding takes place it is like looking after one’s own babies. As they were born in captivity they cannot just be exposed to the wild because they cannot survive and in a similar manner if they are caught wild they cannot survive in captivity.

Cutajar said that their tigers are not neutered but they still cannot be allowed to breed freely and therefore genders are separated.

Therefore breeding takes place when required. Sometimes there are requests from foreign zoos. People visit them but when almost three months pregnancy has passed they are restricted to a particular area designated beforehand.

The birth of the cubs brings the total of tigers at Noah’s Ark to 23.

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