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WATCH: Four-day-old Lyden Lee had to be taken to London for emergency medical treatment

Since his birth, Lyden Lee Pace has been suffering health problems. In fact, his mother Joseanne Pace Dalli was not able to enjoy those moments when a newly born baby is normally presented into a mother’s arms.

Joseanne recounted her experience exclusively in the programme “Umani”, when she informed viewers that at birth the child was taken from her and at the age of four days was taken to a London hospital for emergency treatment.

Joseanne said she felt her child being taken from her and not being able to hold him as she had held Nathan because all she could do was hold his hand and then accompanied by his father, Lyden Lee was taken to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London for urgent treatment.

His father Mario Pace explained the urgent visit to London, leaving his wife behind in hospital. At the time, their other son Nathan was only four years old.

Pace was told by doctors the child may not have long to live and this had shattered him completely because it drained his optimism and courage and made him introvert.

“Umani” will be screened this evening and will relate the exclusive story of Lyden Lee who is now ten years old and has been through many experiences, together with his family. The programme is produced and presented by Maria Muscat and will be shown on TVM at 10.10pm this evening.

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