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WATCH: Children and adults combine to revive an art that has been fading away

The picturesque Gozitan village of Għarb is this weekend organising for the first time the International Festival of Kites and Wind. This is offering a spectacle of colours in the sky and will give children the opportunity to learn an art that has been disappearing with the passage of time – that of making kites.

A fresh wind has proved to be a blessing for the Festival being held near the San Dimitri Chapel at Għarb. This Saturday morning the surrounding fields were a beehive of activity with children learning and adults and the elderly flying kites and with the sky ablaze with different colours.

Organised by the Għarb Local Council together with the Gozo Ministry, the festival has brought together about 15 delegations from all over the world, including Germany, Brazil, Vietnam, Japan and Argentina.

Kite making and flying used to be a great tradition in Gozo among children and families but with the passage of time the tradition has been fading away and the technique lost. Għarb Mayor David Apap Agius said this morning there was about 350 children undergoing instructions on kite making and making their own kites.

The festival will reach its peak tomorrow Sunday when the feast of San Dimitri will be celebrated with a fair and the traditionally large bonfire. Children will be given the opportunity to fly the kites they made today and will participate in a competition to select the best kites.

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