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WATCH: Composes a song inspired by the need to overcome divisions

On St Valentine’s Day a couple from the UK launched the new song “Cross the Line”, which, accompanied by a musical video, explores contemporary love from various perspectives. The song was composed by Chellcy Reitsma who resides in Malta.

The alternative rock song “Cross the Line” was launched by the duo Chellcy Reitsma and Casper Mason.

Chellcy who is Dutch-American and lives in Malta said the song is designed to overcome divisory barriers.

The musical video shows couples from different sectors of society which volunteered to participate in the project. The clothing worn was designed by the well-known Maltese clothes designers of international repute, Charles and Ron.

The composer-singer said she hoped the sensitive and romantic song inspires people to always show love even though their social, religious and family status may differ.

This is Chellcy’s fifth composition with her previous compositions attracting positive international criticism.

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