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Watch: Dreams of embracing her daughter who died 4 years ago

When a mother loses her daughter at a young age, the suffering of separation never heals. This is the case of Simone Bezzina whose daughter died at the age of 22. Simone told TVM that in order to console herself, she turned her house into a museum in memory of her daughter.

Four years ago, Chanelle Bezzina was on holiday in Livigno, Italy and shortly after her return, she was admitted in hospital and died a few hours later. She had battled cancer for two years. Her mother, Simone, converted the house into a memory museum for her dear daughter with photographs in every room. Every morning, Simone feels great sorrow as she dreams of her child, however, when she wakes up, Chanelle is not there.

“The pain remains in your heart; you had such a young lady and within three hours she was gone; it is very hard to take it”.

Simone says that although people see her well dressed and smiling, in truth her heart is completely broken. “You wear a mask so that those close to you do not see you heartbroken, however the joy I had is gone”.

Simone has kept all the clothing, make-up and perfumes in Chanelle’s room exactly in the way they were before her daughter died. She showed the diary marked with her 2015 birthday, the day Chanelle never celebrated. “I made this tattoo just for her – an idea so that when God calls me, it goes down with me forever, Amen”.

Simone appealed to children and parents to put away differences before it is too late. “Have courage, do not abandon children – do not do these things”.

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