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WATCH: Susan Boyle awarded the Golden Buzzer after ten years

Singer Susan Boyle, who ten years ago amazed everybody with her voice when she contested in Britain’s Got Talent, has finally been awarded the Golden Buzzer.

From a mere choir singer in her home parish choir, overnight she zoomed to international fame and became an icon for talent shows that in recent years have continued to increase their popularity.

Boyle has now returned to the competition stage to once more try her luck after she finished runner-up in Britain’s Got Talent.

In an edition of America’s Got Talent – The Champions, Boyle once more impressed with her angelic voice and won the main honour in the first phase of the show, the Golden Buzzer.

This award is given to the best performing artist that has most impressed the audience and many were of the opinion she should have won the award many years ago, in fact ten years ago when she first stepped on a stage to sing.

Susan Boyle Is Back – America's Got Talent: The Champions

Susan Boyle is back and better than ever! 🙌This Golden Buzzer moment was long overdue.

Gepostet von Susan Boyle am Montag, 7. Januar 2019

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