WATCH: What do young people think about the budget?

An increase in stipends, the lowering of taxes and environmental measures were among the measures which have affected young people the most in the budget for this year. On the other hand,  free public transport for everyone and sexual health were among those issues which they want to see being better addressed.

Three major youth groups, the National Youth. Council, the University Student Council and the Junior College Student Council all had reacted positively to the 10% increase in the stipends,  the fact that their stipends won’t be affected if they work up to 25 hours a week and some environmental measures.

“We welcome the stipend increase as well as raising the ceiling for their eligibility to apply for social benefits, so they can work up to 25 hours week rather than just 20, as it is now.   In the environmental sector,  there are prospects with subsidies on renewable energy as well as the renovation of vacant buildings.”

“We were very happy to learn that stipends will increase. This also reflects the cost of living, so financial support for students is always a benefit. The fact that there are many green policies in the Budget, obviously this is a very positive step. We are seeing that at least there is a certain priority when it comes to the environment and sustainable development.”

“I was very happy to see the tax rate go down from 15% to 10%, so that students do not see such a large cut in their salaries.”

While free public transport is among the measures which has created the greatest reactions among the public, the National Youth Council said this alone will not urge people to switch to buses because the problem of efficiency need to be addressed. They also said they wish the Budget would address other sectors including sexual health.