Measures taken by EU countries to curb pandemic spread

EU Governments are enforcing stricter measures to curb pandemic spread as many are being hit by a second pandemic wave.

France: 46 million persons have been ordered to remain indoors between 9 pm and 6 am

This follows a record of 41,622 infections in one day. The new directives cover almost 50 zones in the country, including Paris, and will remain in force over the next six weeks.

Italy (Lazio and Campania): People ordered not to go out at night

Similar measures have been imposed in Rome and Naples with Lazio and Campania being added to Lombardi that people are not to go out at night.

Slovakia: A partial lockdown – people can only go out for work, essential reasons and school

From tomorrow these restrictions are to apply for a week.

Spain (Madrid): Measures to restrict socialisation

New measures in Madrid as from tomorrow after a two week lockdown that has been imposed. Regional authorities are planning to prevent persons in different residences from socialising between midnight and 6 am the following morning.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said that according to a study the total number of affected persons throughout Spain exceeds three million and therefore measures have been introduced to decrease movement and prevent a national lockdown.

Poland: Restaurant and bars to close for two weeks

In addition, persons cannot socialise in more than five persons in public places. Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki has also appealed that persons aged over 70 should not leave their homes.

Belgium: No spectators at sport events, a limit on persons in public spaces

Belgian Prime Minister has announced these new measures and a limit of persons congregating in public spaces as well as a closure of entertainment parks. The restrictions are to apply to 19th November. In Belgium, bars, restaurants and cafes have already been closed but the PM insisted that commercial activities should continue together with schools following health regulations.