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WATCH: Industrial oil strewn on the rocks at Għar Ħasan

Volunteers undertaking a clean-up in a rural zone at Birżebbuġa two days ago found an environmental disaster. While cleaning the stretch of land at Għar Ħasan, a place that offers open views of the sea and Filfla, they found that a quantity of industrial oil had been dumped there.

Although the volunteers are accustomed to finding strewn refuse they described this week’s find as an environmental disaster in an oil spill that slipped off the road and onto the sloping rocks.

The material, which has yet to dry, was strewn in various patches along the rocks and is contaminating the soil. With footwear sticking to the ground and a strong smell of oil, we walked along the passage off which the oil had oozed.

Maria Mifsud, the Birżebbuġa Local Councillor responsible for the environment, said the oil had been strewn from top to bottom and was the work of somebody heartless to have so severely damaged such a beautiful part of Birżebbuġa.

She said it is going to take a long time for a thorough clean-up as well as a lot of hard work, over and above the irreparable damage caused at a time when there are proper facilities for such oil to be dumped.

Maria said she has informed the Environmental and Resources Authority about the tragedy and hopes that prompt actions will be taken to prevent any further damage.