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Archeological remains found during excavation for Santa Lucia tunnel project are being studied

The archeological remains found during the excavation of the Santa Lucia tunnel project are being studied by archeologists while works on the project have continued without affecting these discoveries. The Superintendent for the Surveillance of Cultural Patrimony, Joe Magro Conti, told  TVM that these discoveries are graves and agricultural systems and said that the work being carried out by Infrastructure Malta is being carried out in consultation with the Superintendency.

The remains which possibly date back to the Punic period in Roman times are being carefully studied, but are not slowing down the project’s progress.

The lobby group Save Santa Lucia Open Spaces Network has called on the works to stop until the archaeological investigations have been completed.

On the other hand, the project’s architect, Raphael Abdilla and Mr Magro Conti, explained that the words will continue after some changes were made and that they are working hand in hand to ensure no damage is caused to these discoveries.

Mr Abdilla said that the changes which were made are in the routing of the infrastructural services such as underground electricity cables, while special equipment will be used which will not cause any damage to this archaeological site.

Mr Magro Conti said that what appears to be an agricultural system is being excavated by hand under the supervision of archeologists, while the study of the graves will take longer.

He aded that while the Superintendency is doing everything it can to protect our cultural heritage, it tries to find a balance between our patrimony and the development which the country needs.

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