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Are people following the rules?

Spring has sprung: beaches, squares and public places would normally have been crowded today. And while they were not entirely empty neither were they as crowded as they would normally be, a sign that many are listening to the Health Authorities’ appeals to only leave the house for essential needs.

Health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci said “it is very important that we do not go out. We should not go out because it is important that we stay home to reduce the chance of getting the virus and that we only go out when we need to.”

The glorious weather was a great temptation for some who went out for a walk in the fresh air – any excuse to leave the house will do.

“Stay home and only go out if you need to” is the advice and message of the Health Authorities in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, an exercise carried out by Television Malta made is clear that people are still going out.

We noticed that in places like Golden Bay, Ta’ Qali and Mellieha several people were spotted sunbathing and enjoying themselves with some even attempting their first dip. But even here, we noticed that people were not on top of each other and kept to the socially distancing rules as recommended by the Health authorities which is now backed by a legal notice imposing a fine of one hundred euros for those caught outdoors in groups of more than three people.

In Ta Qali although the gates of the national park were closed several families decided to spend some time away from home despite observing the regulations.

In places that are normally frequented by motorists and motorcycle enthusiasts we also also noticed that even here the rule of not more than three was being adhered to.

TVM also investigated a video that appeared on social media suggesting that in Hal Far, immigrants were playing football. The police went on site and found nothing. It seems that the footage, which showed clouds in the sky, was not taken today because we didn’t have a single cloud today.