Are provocative photos on Instagram leading to abuse?

The participation of the social media in the increase of domestic violence cases was brought up during ‘Popolin’ programme.

The Director of the Foundation of Social Welfare Services, Remenda Grech, said that when one looks at the attitude of various advertising producers, one clearly recognizes the way women are used. “The woman is being presented to appear in a perfect way, she has to appear beautiful”. This is leading women to be treated as an object.

The programme’s presenter Quinton Scerri asked if it is the case that many women make this choice when they excessively expose themselves. How good is it that a fourteen-year old girl uploads photos of herself half naked on the social media? Why should you do this on the social media? He asked if this attitude is providing an occasion for the woman to receive comments that expose her to be treated as an object.

Without going into the merit of whether the exposure of such photos is a good thing or not, Ms Grech said that no one has the right to abuse another person or treat the person as an object, irrespective of the photos one chooses to upload on his social media.

She added that when a woman chooses to expose herself in that way, she is seeking attention. That attitude shows that this person thinks that, in order to be loved or desired, she needs to expose herself in that way. The FSWS director believes that this is a great problem that society is facing because many times, these women are the same ones who accept an abusive relationship.

Ritratti provokanti fuq Instagram qegħdin iwasslu għal abbuż?

Ritratti provokanti fuq Instagram qegħdin iwasslu għal abbuż?Ara x'intqal waqt Popolin ⬇️

Gepostet von Popolin am Donnerstag, 22. Oktober 2020