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Are the Maltese racist?

Racial intimidation seems to have remained with us from one generation to the next. In fact, to this very day, it is not the first time one hears an immigrant, or indeed any foreigner, reacting angrily against Maltese individuals who feel intimidated by them.

Not everyone who might not like foreigners, however, is racist.

According to Ahmed Bugre, the director of the Foundation for Shelter and Support for Migrants, the Maltese are not racist, except for a minority.

The director added that he understands why some persons do not feel comfortable with foreigners among them.

Bugre stated, however, that if we want to move ahead, we have to pull the same rope. The director explained the importance of slowly starting to better understand the culture of foreigners, and for these foreigners, on the other hand, to adapt to Maltese culture.

The director stressed that we have to work much harder so that foreign communities can integrate, as is expected, into our society.

To start with, according to the director, the fact that the country’s policy is drawn up in a way that those who come to Malta for a short time until the right opportunity presents itself for them to be sent to other countries, does not help for foreigners to try and settle in the Maltese Islands. For this reason, they cannot integrate easily.

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