Current Affairs
Are you driving through Marsa tomorrow?

Works on the building of the Marsa Junction project flyovers will continue tomorrow Saturday, from 6.00am till 4.00pm.

During the works, the connection between Vjal Sir Paul Boffa and Aldo Moro will be open with only a single lane in each direction. The two other lanes will be closed so that, in a secure way, 14 beams will be placed, forming the other part of the flyovers that will be opened to traffic by the end of next June. Each of these concrete beams is 30 metres long and weighs approximately 38 tons.

Infrastructure Malta is appealing to drivers to use alternative routes from the road at the Dock No 7 area which will be open in the direction from Paola towards Marsa. Police officers and Transport Malta workers will be on site to assist drivers in the area.