Are you planning to swim here next summer?

La Pelosa beach. in Stinto, Sardinia is very popular with visitors as it offers beautiful scenery, crystal clear waters and white sand.

However, from next year, entrance to this beach is going to be against payment.

This news was announced by Mayor Antonio Diana who said that the measure to introduce a fee is being implemented in order to control the crowds.

The council will not allow more than 1,500 people at the beach at any one time in order to give some breathing space to the ecosystem in this area.

The tickets will cost €4 per person, excluding children.

This is not the first measure to be taken in this region in order to protect the beaches. No one can smoke on the beaches and hawkers are not allowed to sell their wares to those who are sunbathing.

Apart from this, efforts are also being made for the Government to take back the land which was illegally taken on these beaches or in the surrounding areas.


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