Armed Forces rescue 70 migrants in the south of Malta

A group of some 70 migrants has been brought to Malta after being rescued by an Armed Forces patrol boat during the night hours. The migrants were taken on board in the south of Malta.

Several boatloads of migrants were reported in the centre of the Mediterranean in recent days, making their way from Libya to Europe.

On Sunday alone, over 2,000 migrants on 20 boats made it to Lampedusa.

Footage from the island shows hundreds of migrants who spent the night on a street there before being transferred to a vessel to be quarantined for two weeks as a precaution against Covid-19. The detention centre on Lampedusa, which can accommodate just over 1,000 persons, is full up.

According to the Italian Home Affairs Ministry, between the beginning of the year and 7 May some 11,000 migrants reached Italian shores, an increase of 4,100 over the same period last year.