Around 1,000 students interested in Barts medical school in Gozo

More than 1,000 students have already expressed interest in Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry for courses that it will be offering next September in Gozo. This was shown only three weeks after Barts invited for registration prospective interested students to follow courses at the medical school that will open in Gozo.

In an exclusive interview with Television Malta, Barts Dean Professor Anthony Warrens also spoke on what he described as very good relations with Vitals Global Healthcare company and said it is very encouraging that VGH built a relationship with the academic institution of Partners Healthcare International, based in Boston.

Professor Warrens added that for the first academic year starting in September they intend to accept 60 students in two courses and confirmed that the interest is strong.

“We went live on the web three weeks ago, inviting people to find out more about the course, and in this three week period we had 1,093 expressions of interest, which is a lot gratifying. So we got a lot of people interested in the course and clearly we are interacting with them, telling them more about we have to offer”, Prof. Anthony N Warrens said.

Applications will close on the 15th of March, with Professor Warrens saying that there are students who have already formally applied. In preparation for next September he said that they are contemplating on how to integrate teaching given in Gozo with that in London, and shortly the recruitment process will start for the academic staff. He added that more than 200 responded to an expression of interest for Maltese professionals.

Asked if he is concerned that the campus building in Gozo near the General Hospital has not yet started, Barts Dean said that it would have been better to immediately operate in the new building but they are aware that this cannot happen. At this stage he did not reveal the place that will temporarily host the medical school.

“The government has been very much helpful and we have alternative accommodation which is absolutely appropriate and will provide very high quality student experience and we expect that the new built structure of the new medical school will be available during the course of the upcoming academic year”, Prof. Anthony N Warrens said.

With the management of Gozo General Hospital now in the hands of Vitals Global Healthcare, Barts Dean praised the quality commitment that VGH is giving to both the medical care and the Barts’ campus academic environment. The most interesting thing, he added, is the relationship VGH has with Partners International Healthcare in Boston, which is associated with Harvard Medical School.

“These are people of the highest calibre and we have talked about how we can work together with VGH to produce interesting and important research output and also improve educational activity. And to date it is absolutely clear that an institution that pursues that sort of academic excellence, delivers much better patient outcomes as well”.

In this background, Barts Dean stated that he believes that the quality of treatment that Maltese and Gozitan patients will receive will be improved.