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Art brings together different cultures

Art, an international language, is becoming a means to bring together different cultures that understand the beauty of diversity. This was the main objective of the Art Camp Programme organised in Malta by UNESCO in collaboration with the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

20 artists from Europe, the Middle East and North Africa gathered in Malta in a UNESCO programme intended to promote diplomacy through Art and Culture. The programme is an opportunity for various cultures to understand more each other and create a dialogue environment with which diversity leads to tolerance and peace.

UN’s special envoy for Cultural Diplomacy, Hedva Ser, stated that this is another means to build bridges between diverse societies.

“I think it is another way for diplomacy it is another way for bridges and dialogue for peace and what is better than culture and art , bringing artist together, working together respecting each other, it is a new way of building bridges for peace.”

An artist from Jordan described the gathering as a unique experience.

“We are living together, having breakfast, lunch, dinner going to places, such a wonderful experience, i am so happy i find myself Malta is like my home, make me feel so good and thank you for your hospitality, every thing is nice here thank you.”

Foreign Affairs Minister Carmelo Abela said that diversity enriches cultures. “The message is peace, in this case culture with which we understand more each other and promote it in the region and across the world”.

Minister Abela said that UNESCO chose Malta for the programme as our country is known for the environment in which foreigners feel free to share their experience, while the ministry continuously sends the message that Malta is a country that promotes peace in diversity.

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