Art in public spaces project branches out to include harbour and school

The Valletta Foundation 2018 is encouraging the use of public spaces which goes beyond museums so they they become live art showcases.

Art exhibitions are usually displayed in museums, or in places which have little to do with the theme of the exhibit. One of the aims of V18 is for culture to branch out to every corner of the country. One example is this exhibition, Naqsam il-Muża, which is using public spaces around Malta to exhibit local characters who convey a message.  Raymond Montebello chose the Marsa harbour to raise awareness about the people of Marsa, and their history.

He said, “We often advertise the harbour from both sides of the bastions and the inner areas, and forget the identity of us people from Marsa.”

Like Ray, Valerie Vassallo, a teacher at Santa Margerita college, chose the painting of the Great Siege for the school where she teaches.

“I thought I would show children the history of Malta by showing them a work of art to remember what Malta went through many years ago.”

V18 has the aim of fostering more innovation in the culture of museums, so it has brought Maltese and foreign curators together to share their experiences. Artist Maren Richter, who exhibits her art in various spaces, believes that art should leave museums more often.

Ms Richter said, “To go or expand the idea of what a museum space is, it is a public space, it’s the communtiy spaces which the people are using, it can be a shop, a restaruant, it can be anywhere.”