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Artificial ponds created to conceal trapping nets

Eight areas used for illegal trapping have been pinpointed in Siggiewi.

In a statement, CABS pointed out that these nets, which are placed under water, were being used for trapping Sanderling, Greenshank and other water birds.

The hidden nets were discovered through aerial photographs, together with volunteers on the look-out for any illegal activity.

These sites were all equipped with big nets and artificial ponds to attract water birds.

A trapper was also caught red-handed in some Siggiewi fields, using an artificial sandbar and other birds in cages to continue with his trapping activities.

All these cases have been reported to the Police, who have confiscated some equipment and are seeking aa 40-year-old man filmed by CABS whilst trapping birds at Ħad Dingli.

The man was using a 30-metre net, a Greenshank in a cage, and an illegal electronic bird caller.

Another trapper in Birżebbuġa was also caught red-handed trapping illegally, and was arrested by the Police.



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