As from today: Money from children’s Tallinja card will go towards purchase of equipment for children with autism

From today, money which comes in from every child’s Tallinja card will go towards the purchase of equipment to help children with autism and others who have very serious problems with their vision.

This campaign is being organised by Malta Public Transport in collaboration with the Malta Trust Foundation.

President Emeritus Marie Louise Coleiro Preca said that the equipment will help these children in their studies and their life in general, and in fact those who already use it are already seeing a difference.

“The great advances which have been made in their development is incredible and naturally not only will the children have their own satisfaction at seeing this improvement, but so will their families, and God willing, once they are adults they will be in a position to be productive for our country.  There is even a ten-year-old who wrote a book.”

The General Manager of Malta Public Transport Konrad Pule said that he is looking forward to the success of this initiative.

“We could not say no to such an initiative, which is the idea of the Malta Trust Foundation, where the money collected from now until the end of July from the Tallinja cards which are registered will all go directly towards this initiative.”

Transport Minister Ian Borg remarked that a campaign such as this will also encourage more children to use public transport and instil in them a sense of awareness in favour of clean and sustainable air.

Konrad Pule added that, “if we encourage children to appreciate all the alternatives to travel, and not always by car, there is the chance that in the future we will have less traffic congestion, less pollution and have more ways to get from one place to another more efficiently.”

The children’s Tallinja card is intended for those aged between 4 –  10.

In September, Malta Public Transport will organise activities for all those who have a children’s Tallinja card and their families.