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“As my mother was undergoing surgery we learned that even my sister had breast cancer”

Fredrick Attard said that he cannot thank blood donors enough for their altruistic gesture which can save the lives of his mother and sister, both of whom need blood transfusions as part of their battle against breast cancer which was diagnosed last December. Mr Attard was with his colleagues from the Health Ministry who were donating blood during a blood drive by the Ministry staff.

Last month, Frederick Attard’s family was hit like a bolt from the blue with news which ruined their Christmas.

His mother, Jessie, had had a relapse and her breast cancer had come back after eight years.

He said, “she is going to have a double mastectomy, so she will probably need a blood transfusion.”

However, that was not the end of the bad news.

“The very same day that my mother was undergoing surgery to remove a tumour from her breast, we learned that my sister, who is 52, also has breast cancer.”

Fredrick was talking about his personal experience as his colleagues were donating blood at the blood bank in G’Mangia.

“I felt obliged to show my support for this initiative being organised by the Health Ministry to encourage people to be blood donors because you never know what you might need.”

As the saying goes, you have to lead by example. Carmen Sammut came to donate blood for the first time in her life.

Carmen said, “I saw Frederick’s story and without wanting to you feel you need to do something, and when I saw that we were going to be a whole group going to donate blood together for support, you feel more inclined to do it. In the end, there was nothing to be afraid of,  you come here and you barely notice when it’s over.”

For Terrence Ellul this was his sixth time as a blood donor and he will continue to donate blood as long as he is strong enough to do so.

“I come here every three months, I find a moment when I have some spare time between half hour to one hour, and I come here to help others.”

Deputy PM and Health Minister Chris Fearne urged the staff from other Government entities and departments to carry out a similar blood drive. He said that the staff at the Ministry had welcomed this initiative and put into practice the principle of solidarity.

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