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As of today girls will not be allowed to wear earrings to school

Minister Bartolo said that from now on neither girls nor boys will be allowed to wear earrings to school.

In comments to TVM, the Minister said that equality between girls, boys and all genders, was not earned by permitting the wearing of earrings, but rather, by respecting each other.

The Minister went on to add that for issues of health and safety among students, earrings were not permitted to be worn in schools. He insisted that this was not a question of equality.

Asked about the use of mobile phones inside schools, the Minister explained that in many cases where children took their phone to school, this was left in the Principal’s office.

He said that it was recommended that phones were left outside the classroom and schools for children to focus on learning. He added that one had to also consider how the phone was being used for educational purposes.

Listen to the Minister’s comments in reply to questions put by journalist Antonia Micallef:

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