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“As soon as Tal-Ful facilities are ready, camping on Comino will only be allowed there”

As from next year, camping on Comino will only be allowed in the area of Tal-Ful located above the Blue Lagoon. The campsite near Santa Maria bay is only being used on a temporary basis and requires a special permit.

The Chief Executive of the Resources and Environment Authority, Dr Louise Spiteri insisted that everything needs to be done according to Comino’s management plane which has carried out various studies. This decision, however, has not been welcome by everyone.

The area of Tal-Ful was recently cleaned up by Ambjent Malta so that it can start to be used for camping. During a visit to the area, an Ambjent Malta official explained that permits need to be obtained to build sanitary facilities near the site.

Dr Louise Spiteri told TVM that this area is the official campsite for Comino and explained that for now, the site located near the Santa Maria chapel can be used by permission until the Tal-Ful facilities are ready.

”For now, the decision is that this is a temporary site. Obviously we wish to abide by the management plan, so that this activity can be contained and controlled accordingly.”

However, on the other side of Comino, Louis Bartolo, who has been camping near Santa Maria bay for the last 50 years, expressed his wish to keep the campsite here because the area at Hal-Ful is not accessible. He expressed his concerns that the place used to be the landfill for Comino and that dangerous waste might still be on the site. He showed footage taken two weeks ago after it had already been cleaned.

“You cannot call it ugly, apart from the asbestos and broken glass. Now to get up there, especially if you are with your family and children, and when thousands flock here, some for a few days and some for a few weeks, can you imagine with all the gear you have to carry, how you are going to go up there? To get up there near the Blue Lagoon from here is no joke.”

Mr Bartolo said that he was ready to camp at Tal-Ful, if it is properly cleaned and transport is provided.” I think that we should also have transport, but when you are going to do that you will damage the roads, it’s bad enough the hotel has damaged the roads.”

When TVM asked about Mr Bartolo’s allegations that there is asbestos at this site, a spokesperson for the Environment Ministry insisted that the place has been cleaned and all the waste has been removed. He added that if there is a trace of asbestos it is buried and therefore does not pose any danger. He explained that the authorities are informed that there are plans for the asbestos hear the Comino tower to be removed as well.

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