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Assistance for research project on other Covid-19 variants

Four research projects on seeking solutions for infectious diseases will benefit from a Covid-19 Research and Development Fund totalling 3.5 million euro.

The projects range from research about other Covid-19 variants, to the development of new medicines and the creation of antibodies to fight new types of infectious diseases.

The Fund, which is being administered by the Malta Council for Science and Technology, MCST, and Malta Enterprise, has attracted 36 applications from both public and private entities.

The Minister for Research, Innovation and Post-Covid-19 Coordination and Strategy, Owen Bonnici, stated that the aim of these projects is to provide a health-related solution to the pandemic and beyond.

Dr Bonnici explained that this is an investment in the talent of our researchers, and is evidence of the fact that science and research are crucial for a better future.

The Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development Miriam Dalli stated that as a result of this investment direct aid will be provided for patients and the fight against infectious diseases will be strengthened. Minister Dalli added that the Government is committed to continuing to strengthen the research sector which, she further stated, provides opportunities with enormous potential.

The projects are at an early stage of research and are expected to be completed in the coming months.