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Association of Judges and Magistrates stresses on need for more new magistrates

Following the swearing-in of four new Judges this morning, the Association of Judges and Magistrates has appealed to the Government to issue a call for more Magistrates.

Judge Francesco Depasquale, on behalf of the association, stated that with the appointment of the four Judges the number of Judges is now back to its original complement, because four judges had retired since new judges had been appointed two years ago.

Judge Depasquale added that with the Government call for four new judges, the bench of magistrates will only be increasing by one, because two magistrates have been appointed judges and another magistrate has retired.

Judge Depasquale said the association insists the number of new magistrates should not be less than six in order to ensure an effective and efficient judicial criminal process.

The judge further stated that until such time as the authorities do not increase the number of magistrates and do not provide trained and motivated staff, there will not be an improvement in criminal procedures.