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Astracast factory closed down – efforts for alternative jobs to the workers

Following a 50-year presence in Malta, British factory Astracast – which manufactures sinks – suddenly closed its operations possibly due to financial difficulties and left 35 workers in the dark. The General Workers Union said that some of the 35 workers have not been yet paid their December salaries and benefits. Meanwhile, efforts are being made so that the workers are provided with alternative jobs.

The factory’s gate is still locked with padlocks and for three days the workers stayed outside the gate following a union’s directive to ensure that nothing leaves the factory as they are still owed their salary.

GWU Metal Section secretary, Jesmond Marshall, said that since the start of the year, the company did not permit workers to enter the factory as it did not renew the insurance policy which covers accidents at work. He stated that the union started proceedings so that workers are paid their salary and benefits.

Economy and Small Enterprises Ministry said it is having talks with Malta Enterprise, the Union and with Jobs Plus to support the workers and to provid them with alternative work. It was pointed out that the National Skills Council will offer training to the workers to acquire the necessary skills for jobs in the labour market.

Television Malta is informed that some of the workers were approached by another company to provide them with an alternative job.

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