AstraZeneca will be used for second dose if your first dose was AZ

Superintendent of Health Charmaine Gauci explained that the European Medicines Agency, EMA had reiterated that the vaccine produced by the company Oxford-AstraZeneca was a safe vaccine.

In response to the latest news about the AstraZeneca vaccine, Prof. Gauci said that Malta had always followed the EMA directives and every person is given two doses of the same vaccine.

During TVAM , Prof. Gauci explained that AstraZeneca is currently being used for second doses.

Meanwhile, on the subject of boosters, Prof. Gauci said studies are still ongoing. She said that so far it is confirmed that the vaccine gives us protection for six months however there are studies showing that it lasts longer.

He explained that Malta has already placed its orders in the event of need for boosters.