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At the age of 70, he is determined to lift 175kg of iron!

He suddenly lost his wife with cancer while his children were growing up, and years later, cancer also took his son’s life. He also lost his partner after a 20-year relationship – events that led him to a depression.

Frans Spiteri found motivation in the gym and at an old age he started powerlifting. Currently, Spiteri is preparing for a powerlifting competition and at 70-years old he is determined to lift 175 kg of iron.

Frans Spiteri trains daily at the Cospicua Sport Complex. He started powerlifting at the age of 60. “They were practising powerlifting. They started joking and invited me to lift, telling me I’m old; and I ended up lifting iron”.

He took the sport seriously and started competing in international powerlifting competitions.

“I went to Oliveco in Italy and made my first record. I did 155 squat and 190 deadlift. These were very good results for my age”.

Frans also competed in the United States and Ireland. “At the age of 65 I advanced to Master 5; I started achieving records because I trained well”.

Although his life was met with tragedies, Frans says that the gym assisted him to exit the alley he was in. “When I started I was in pain, cried and trained. I started recovering until I was cured. I competed in three competitions and I will go for the fourth”.

Frans is preparing for a powerlifting competition which will be held in England on Friday. At the age of 70, he intends to lift 175 kg of iron.

The country recognizes persons such as Frans, who although at an old age, are still active in society through the Active Ageing Awards. Nominations for the next edition will be received till the 11th of September.

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