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At what age should one start having sex?

There are some persons who say their greatest regret is having started sex at an early age. This has been confirmed by a survey on sexual attitudes in the UK.

More than a third of females and a quarter of males have admitted in the survey that they regret having had sex for the first time in their youth, and on looking back, they realise this was not the opportune time.

Although the age of consent for sex is still set at 16, a considerable number of participants in the survey admitted that if they could put the clock back, they would not hurry so much to take part in sexual activity.

According to the national statistic for sexual attitudes in the UK, the majority of youths were not prepared for sexual activity.

The survey, published in the BMJ Sexual and Reproductive Health by researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine,  gathered information from nearly 3,000 participants.

It emerges that nearly 40% of girls and 26% of boys feel they started having sex too early in life, with one-third of them admitting to having started before the age of 16.

The study found that half the girls and four out of every ten boys indulged in sex when under the influence of drink, whilst one girl in five and one boy in ten stated that they had been pressured by friends to take this step.

Dr Melissa Palmer, a researcher for Natal Survey, believes sexual education in schools should provide students with more information and knowledge about first-time sex in a positive and safe manner.


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